Su-Yin -Décorateur

September 6, 2008

The girl who loves to cook.

This is Su's Journal where she speaks about her cooking experiences, food adventures and her life's musings as she matures and discovers adulthood with a brave smile. Despite her background in Construction Management+Property from UNSW(Sydney); she followed the voice in her heart to pursue her new found interest in the Art of Cake Decorating. It all began with a spark of enlightenment from picking up a tiny block of fondant icing and a brochure hidden within. She thought to herself; "WOW! The things I could do with THIS!!".
She has much progressed with her self taught techniques since (thank goodness!) and has now graduated from a 24week European pastry programme from the NotterSchool of Pastry Arts in Orlando; FL.
She has a weak spot for sexy shoes; peanut butter and piping hot potato wedges. Su is enthusiastic and energetic in bright sunshine; and losses her vibrant animated self as evening falls. She's completely in love with everything edible; especially edible things which are both delicious and beautiful. She believes our precious eyes deserve as much a feast as our noses and tastebuds are so lucky to enjoy. Life's too short for ugly food *wink*


Siddal said...

Dear Su Yin

I am Siddal and from Cartoon Network. Ben 10 is one of our core show in 2009. I saw your Ben 10 cupcake on your blog and would like to invite you to be our guest at our Astro Trade Show Event in KL in December 2008. Would you mind just me an email to
Thanks and looking forward to your reply soon.

Kelly said...
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talisman2012 said...

Dear Su Yin,

I do enjoy your blogs. Roti canai is a favorite dish of mine. I used to enjoy it when I was schooloing in PJ, M'sia. Now I am in California and the only decent M'sian roti canai is at the Jasmine Bistro in El Cajon, California ...of all places! If anyone has something interesting for me to try in the area, let me know!


Rick A

mohdfaizrazali said...

nice blog...

South said...

Su Yin,

Breath taking pictures of the baby sleeping....You need to be on TV
Diane Conroy

Sam said...

Cake decorating,eh?? You should watch Ace of Cakes on Food Network. Its pure brillance.

Kiki said...

ok so im sure you hear this all the time but, i am SUCH a fan of yours! your blog is awsome and im stoked i found it!
rock on girly :)

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that I found your blog after doing a google search, and what a coincidence, you and I are both Su! I have never met anyone else who is named Su with no 'e'.

I will be reading regularly!

kenny said...

hi su,
I am kenny who born deaf. I hobby learn make cake and decoration. currently i working as chef decoration and bakery. can i introduce with u as friendly. u can add my MSN can talk share with u.bush u very cute and nice. aslo make cake very nice n beautifully .

ps. sorry i not well my english. hope u can understand what i said that. thanks. :)

warms regards,

Mazhar Hussain Shah said...


Recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.
Please leave a comment on my blog.I really love your blog.Please.
Big M blog.

Eyka said...

Dear Su, i am a mascom student. i'm currently taking FILM & TELEVISION BROADCASTING as my major. Our major project is to do a documentary.

now i just came across your blog which was posted on masak-masak blog and i LUVRE IT!! seriously su, i don't know why i've just come across it now but thank god i did. now, is it okay if i do a documentary about your work and your shop and everything?!?!?! i'd love to so much. please let me. this is my last semester and i', off to asutralia to further my studies at curtin. so please su... let me let me (i live in cyberjaya).

n i l e e y said...

hi Su Yin,

I came across your blog via Masak Masak, and I'm very inspired by your motivation and determination to live your dream! all the best and I look forward to more yummy photos and creations!


Jenny Tan said...

hi Su Yin,
a friend of mine ( told me about ur blog & ur website. Your cakes are amazing!! Malaysia needs more cake designers like you!! If I ever move back there, please consider employing me! *wink, wink* -- even if it's just washing dishes! LOL ;) I love baking/cake decorating too!

星影 said...

Love your cakes! Wish I can chase my dream like you do as we share the same interest.
Keep up the good job!! ^^

Nelly said...

Hi Su yin!
I just loveeee your creations. U're so talented and inspirative =) =)
I could see how u turn a hobby into a business.
I found this website :

I'm sure u'll be amazed too as I was.

junel. said...

hi there Su,
stumbled upon your blog and found them a pleasure to read and browse! =)
good effort and well done with the cakes! Maybe i would want to visit your cake shop one day or get a cake if i have an occasion one day! =)
i have a little blog of my own (but it may not be all that interesting as yours but oh well... hahaha!) drop by if u're bored! =)

good day!
junel, singapore

voo said...

I am so prud of you!God bless you.

Cjen Lum said...

Dear Su Yin
I am really motivated by your passion and patience for all the beauty you've created.
And I am pretty jealous to be honest but none the less, keep up the fantastic work!

100% motivated!

.Lil J. said...

I just want to say that I love what you do! You make me drroooolllL! hehehehe Keep up the good work!

Lots of Love,

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

Hey everyone! haha thanks for leaving comments! I HAdnt realized that the 'comments' tab was ticked on this page!!!! hahaha i have just discovered all these sweet messages a year later!!! omg! haha

XOXOXOOX love you all too!

orangge said...

Dear Su:
I have read an article about you at the chinese newspaper few months ago. I admire your courage and passion. Like myself, i always want to learn how to bake cake, decorate it and even thinking of going to japan or other countries to learn it but never taken any actions and courage to do it. It's quite of hard to step out the first step to pursue your dream especially if you are not young anymore.

americanbadass607 said...

This is a cool blog. I enjoy cooking, and trying new things for my wife. Keep up the good work. I will check in again soon.

Mama Brandy said...

I really just wanted to tell you how amzingly talented I think you are! Your beautfiul creations, hoonestly just blow my mind! I have a little blog about cooking, if you ever want to check it out: certainly not anything as lovely as yours, but it is my little project! Again, I am happy to have found something so inspiring!

Jim said...

this is an excellent blog. ikan bilis is a fave of mine and I was comparing recipes when i discovered your site

My Everyday said...

Dear Su Yin,

A long time ago, I was searching for bunny mochi online lol and one of the results that came up was your blog. This was way before you started attending school in Florida. I didn't have a blog at the time but I did check your blog every once in awhile ever since then to be inspired by the wonderful treats you make. It's nice to see that you have come so far and that you even have your own shop now! You are an incredibly talented person and i congratulate you on coming so far :]

kaywhycee said...

HI Su Yin,
My friend sent me the link to your blog. Your cakes are beautiful and your shop is gorgeous. You are very talented and I wish you so much success. Hopefully I'll because just as good one day.

Take care.

Maria said...

Dear Su, I 'm following you since your first post in this journal and only now I write you some words to congratulate about your skills and your business..You were very strong in your aims and you reached them with a very good success..I'm sorry for my bad English, I'm Italian and I would be very glad if you could have a look at my site ..In Italy there isn't a tradition in cake decoration, but now it is changing a little and it becomes more popular, at least in the web...
I'm an architect and I began some years ago to do something with buttercream for my children birthdays...So be patient and be comprehensive..;-)

William Winardi said...

To..., Su Yin.
From : William Lie,

Thank you 4 request me at my blogspot.
I see you are very like cooking.
May be we can sharing our experiance.
Thank you.

Best Regard,

William Lie.

It's my email:

Family Female said...

Loved ur cake, blog, and u for sure... ... may I follow ur blog? Hope so..hahaha.. All the best !!

asingaporeanson said...

Nice dimple :)