Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur

September 6, 2008

The girl who loves to cook.

This is Su's Journal where she speaks about her cooking experiences, food adventures and her life's musings as she matures and discovers adulthood with a brave smile. Despite her background in Construction Management+Property from UNSW(Sydney); she followed the voice in her heart to pursue her new found interest in the Art of Cake Decorating. It all began with a spark of enlightenment from picking up a tiny block of fondant icing and a brochure hidden within. She thought to herself; "WOW! The things I could do with THIS!!".
She has much progressed with her self taught techniques since (thank goodness!) and has now graduated from a 24week European pastry programme from the NotterSchool of Pastry Arts in Orlando; FL.
She has a weak spot for sexy shoes; peanut butter and piping hot potato wedges. Su is enthusiastic and energetic in bright sunshine; and losses her vibrant animated self as evening falls. She's completely in love with everything edible; especially edible things which are both delicious and beautiful. She believes our precious eyes deserve as much a feast as our noses and tastebuds are so lucky to enjoy. Life's too short for ugly food *wink*